Bargain Boots

Bargain Boots


When they are gone they are gone!

Sale of discontinued items and seconds at less than manufacturing prices. Making space for new stock!

Brookside Country Boots - £50

Lola Side Zip Waxed Leather Riding Boots - £40

Argentine Leather Belts - From £25

Please go to main individual listing for each item for full details/photos/measurements and ordering.

Please check your ABC measurements with us (see size chart for measurement guide) and it is especially important to check your instep measurement. If you have a high instep please contact us before purchasing Lola and Brookside styles as they can be tight in instep for some customers so they may not pull over your foot if the measurements are not pre checked with us!

Sold with NO WARRANTY on water resistance; these boots are seconds and as such no guarantee on water proofing can be given at these low prices. There may be small marks or other minor imperfections.

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