Percussion Neoprene Wellington Boot

Percussion Neoprene Wellington Boot


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Easily comparable to the top brands in quality and fit; in fact we think they are better!

These fantastic boots will keep you warm and dry even in the worst conditions and are built to last. Non slip sole which gives great traction in heavy, slippery mud and very adjustable in the calf area which makes them easy to put on and take off or adjust for a wider leg fit. And all at a great price for an amazingly comfortable boot!

- High quality rubber manufacture with adjustable side gusset
- 4mm Neoprene lining
- Removeable insole
- Non-slip rubber sole with deep, wide tread
- Anti-torsion steel reinforcement shank in sole
- High-quality cushioning
- Ergonomic design

Due to the deep tread on these boots we do not recommend using them for riding.
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