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These are boots that are reduced in price due to small issues meaning that they cannot be sold at full price.

Most reductions are due to the boxes damaged in post, returns that are slightly creased at ankle/toe from being tried on or small imperfections such as a minor mark in the leather or small scratch.

They may have been used for a photoshoot and have minor marks on the sole due to this.

Please see main listing for features of each boot/photos.

Imperfections listed for each item as follows:

3. Keira Dress Slim EU41/UK7 BLACK - Box Damage/Return

4. Keira Dress Slim EU38/UK5 BLACK - Box Damage/Return

7. Atia Field Short/Wide EU37/UK4 BLACK EU37/UK4 - Box Damage/Return

9. Atia Field Boot Short/Wide EU37/UK4 BLACK - Slight creasing on ankle from being tried on/slight box damage

10. Pippin Lace Up Regular EU42/UK8 BLACK - Small/minor imperfection crease/line to inner side of foot. Won't be visible when mounted.

13. Orla Waxed Leather Regular EU39/UK6 CONKER - Minor creasing

16. Orla Suede Tan Regular EU39/UK6 - Box Damage

18. Atia Field Regular EU41/UK7 WALNUT BROWN - Seconds - Leather quality is not the usual high standard with some heavier grain/minor wrinkling in some areas. Perfectly fine for everyday use.

21. Orla Waxed Leather Regular EU38/UK5 - Creasing; should stretch out when worn
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