Heel Risers, Extra Laces, Inner Soles

Heel Risers, Extra Laces, Inner Soles

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You may wish to order additional accessories to go with your boots; 

Heel Risers:
These solid foam wedges are available as a pair to purchase with your boots if you would like a little help to wear them in. If you are slightly too short for the boot height you can add these inside the heel to lift your leg and stop the boot pinching behind the knee when you ride. Once the boot has dropped and the leather moulded around your ankle you can remove them.
NB. Colour may vary; approximate height is 15mm at highest point.

Laces: Replacement/Additional laces for Eborio lace up boots.

Wool Fibre Inner Soles: These wonderfully soft inner soles are hand made in the UK from ethically sourced wool fibre which is known for being soft, springy and breathable.

Perfect to add some extra comfort and padding under foot or if you are between shoe sizes they will help with boot fit and prevent that 'sliding around' feeling of slightly too big shoes.

They can be trimmed to size with sharp scissors to fit your shoe and will mould nicely to the shape of your shoe (which prevents the inner sole bunching up as you push your foot in).

Colour may vary slightly as they are a natural product.

Suitable up to EU45/UK11 and can be trimmed to suit any smaller size. Approx 1cm thickness (will felt down thinner with wear).

Can be gently hand washed with mild detergent if required.

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